Member Story, Entry One: Dr. Russell Easy

One phone call with Acadia biology professor Dr. Russell Easy is all it takes to realize how passionate he is about his undergraduate students.

Involved with Science Atlantic since the days of APICS, Dr. Easy currently chairs the Biology Committee.

Dr. Easy’s most memorable Science Atlantic experiences revolve around seeing students “present the work they’ve done in my lab over the last several months – that they’re committed to, that they’re passionate about and to see their level of intellectual development.”

To see what the students are doing is phenomenal, the quality of the scientific rigour at Science Atlantic always amazes me – Dr. Russell Easy

He cites one experience in particular of a student who was terrified to give presentations. After watching her practice in his lectures, he said “last year she went up at the Science Atlantic conference fully confident. Watching her develop that skill as an academic student was fantastic. She’s now totally confident giving talks.”

Science Atlantic is no less rigorous than larger conferences but it doesn’t have that intimidation, which allows students to be themselves and to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject – Dr. Russell Easy

Dr. Easy also discussed that while conferences are “a setting of integration for students, they’re also a setting of integration for professors. It allows us to get together to talk about new discoveries in scientific education. Career wise, Science Atlantic conferences and meetings are extremely lucrative.”

When asked what his most recent enjoyable read was,  Dr. Easy suggested this article on RNA molecules that he brought to class to discuss with his highly esteemed students.

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