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Mathematics & Statistics Division

Every fall since 1978, the Mathematics & Statistics Division has held a conference designed specifically to attract the interest of undergraduate students.

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) Conference 2023

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science conference 2015

The 2023 Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Conference (MSCS) was held October 13 and 14, at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI).

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Calculus equations on notebook

The Mathematics & Statistics Division have published a variety of papers and reports, as well as a booklet to help students prepare for university calculus and a book.

You can also download sample problem sets from previous years.


Darien DeWolf Headshot

Committee Chair

Darien DeWolf
St. Francis Xavier University

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Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science conference winner 2019

Thanks to the support of our generous conference sponsors, each year Mathematics & Statistics recognizes the achievements of some of Atlantic Canada’s top undergraduate and graduate MSCS students through a variety of awards.


The Mathematics & Statistics Division representatives include mathematicians and statisticians from across the Atlantic region.

Our annual conference, held jointly with Computer Science, is designed to attract the attention of undergraduate students, and provides a venue at which students and faculty can network, present research and share ideas. The conference features plenary talks in both mathematics (the Blundon lecture) and statistics (the Fields lecture). The Blundon lecture is named for Professor W.J. Blundon, the first head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, who was a prominent figure in mathematics and educational circles in Atlantic Canada for many years. The conference also hosts a problem-solving competition for teams of undergraduate students from Atlantic Canadian universities.

We are also interested in issues related to mathematics education, including curriculum and pedagogy in schools and universities.