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Headshot of Lois Whitehead

Lois Whitehead

Executive Director

Lois Whitehead has over 30 years’ experience in not-for-profit and association-based organizations. Her educational background in psychology, non-profit management, and community economic development, combined with experience and training in strategic planning, facilitation, and human resources, has helped to make her a leader in the nonprofit world. Lois has served as the Executive Director of Science Atlantic for over 20 years. In this time, she has successfully led and grown the organization’s footprint in the region, including increasing the membership, realigning services to a redefined mission, and rebranding (twice!).

In her spare time, Lois is a news, charity, professional development, and tech junkie.

Cindy Smith

Membership and Administrative Support Coordinator

Cindy is a Human Resources graduate from Grant MacEwan University. She is in her second year with Science Atlantic, and is excited to continue growing her communication, critical thinking, and time management skills. Cindy has a background in leadership, customer service, and training and development. With a go-getter attitude, Cindy hopes to broaden her knowledge of non-profit organizations as she pursues a career in human resources.

When not behind her computer working or studying, Cindy can be found either with a game controller in her hands, or playing her clarinet. Cindy has a passion for making a difference in mental health issues in the workplace and hopes to one day help organizations realize how impactful they are to their team’s well-being.

Headshot of Jessica Trigo

Jessica Trigo

Web Developer

Jessica is a Computer Programming graduate from Fanshawe College. Her background volunteering with various mental health advocacy groups sparked her interest in nonprofit organizations. She is excited to learn more about the structure and function of not-for-profit organizations while working at Science Atlantic. In her role as Web Developer, Jessica is responsible for updating the design and accessibility of Science Atlantic’s website. 

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys playing tabletop and video games, reading, and spending time with her animals.   

Megan Krempa (she/her) Communications and Member Engagement Assistant, Summer 2023

Megan Krempa

Communications and Member Engagement Assistant

Megan holds a bachelor’s degree (BAH’22) from the University of King’s College/Dalhousie University in the History of Science & Technology and Philosophy. She is passionate about making history accessible to everyone, and is interested in digital archives and their application in helping to democratize science and its history. She is thrilled to be working this summer on digitizing Science Atlantic’s trove of documents spanning all the way back to its very beginning in 1962. Besides digital archives, Megan is also a copyeditor and teaching assistant. She’d like to pursue a PhD in the History of Science with a focus on women in physics. 

When she’s not obsessing over digitization practices, Megan is an ardent alto singer (primarily choral and classical) and hobby-collector. She’s interested in almost anything under the sun: knitting, sewing, keyboards, bags, travel, cross-stitch, Linux, painting, restoring old objects….the list goes on.
Headshot of Alex Wilcox

Alexa Wilcox

Communications and Member Engagement Assistant

Alexa is an English student at Acadia University. She has been an avid reader her whole life and has a passion for crafting texts and molding the English language. Alexa believes that every person has an interesting story to tell. She hopes to one day guide others to tell their stories through her editing work. She is excited to join the Science Atlantic team as a Communications and Member Engagement Assistant, where she will be able to use her language skills to help inspire connections across Atlantic Canada.

Alexa’s love of literature spills into her personal life, as she spends much of her time reading and watching shows. She also loves going for peaceful walks in the woods, cozy nights lit by fairy lights, and all things fantasy.

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