AFB 2018 Award Winners

The 2018 Aquaculture and Fisheries and Biology Conference was held Mar. 9-11 at MUN. Congratulations to all the award winners! Visit the A&F and Biology awards pages for a full list of award recipients, abstracts, photos and more!

Blast From the Past

Conference organizers found a note under the last engraving plate on the AUBC Best Paper plaque, donated in 1978 by the MtA BioMed Society.

The text reads:

“Dear yr. 2016,

We were sitting around the coffee room table, Roy Fraser RM, Mt Allison University and predicted that the conference award would never last this long. Contact us if we are wrong. All the best and congradulations [sic].

Yours truly,

Mt. Allison Bio Dept.

(P.S. Coffee is only 15¢ a cup.)”

The hunt now is on for the mystery writers to let them know that 40 years later the conference is still going strong!

In other news...

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