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Biology Awards

AUBC Best Poster Award

This award is provided annually based on the assessment of a judging panel at the annual Science Atlantic (formerly APICS)  Undergraduate Biology Conference.

2015   Zhengcheng He   University of Prince Edward Island
2014   Kascia White   Saint Mary’s University
2013   Shane Rajaraman   Saint Mary’s University
2012   Amy Brown   Mount Allison University
2011   Meaghan O’Neill   University of New Brunswick
2010   Dan Belliveau   Dalhousie University
2009   Grace Lotz   Dalhousie University
2008   Nicole Templeman   Mount Allison University
2007   Karie Marshall   Acadia University
2006   Bryant Boulianne   Acadia University
2005   Leah Wall   Cape Breton University
2004   Maha Markabi   Saint Mary’s University
2003   Frederic Paillard   U de Moncton
2002   Vashni Skipper   Mount Allison University
2001   Robert Bishop   Memorial University
2000   Christa Deacon   University of Prince Edward Island
1999   Chantal Theriault   University of Prince Edward Island
1998   Elena Garcia Del Busto   University of Prince Edward Island
1997   Chris Gray   University of Prince Edward Island
1996   Jodi Lassner   Dalhousie University
1995   Andrew MacInnis   University of Prince Edward Island
1994   Heather Anderson   Mount Allison University


AUBC Best Presentation Award

This award is provided annually based on the assessment of a judging panel at the annual Science Atlantic (Formerly APICS) Undergraduate Biology Conference.

2015 Laryssa Halat St. Francis Xavier University
2014 Jacqueline Carverhill Mount Allison University
2013 Abigail White Mount Allison University
2012 Karissa Milbury Dalhousie University
2011 Jeff Clements Cape Breton University
2010 James Hudson Saint Francis Xavier University
2009 Rhys Cavanagh Acadia University
2008 Jonathan Neilson UNB-Fredericton
2007 Megan Gillis Saint Francis Xavier University
2006 Ryan Stanley Saint Francis Xavier University
2005 Katharine Reddin Mount Allison University
2004 S. Christine Paetzold University of Prince Edward Island
2003 Joni Kemp University of Prince Edward Island
2002 Dominique Chaput Mount Allison University
2001 Monica Schuegraf Saint Francis Xavier University
2000 Ernest Tan Dalhousie University
1999 Nicole McLearn Saint Mary’s University
1998 Stephen O’Leary Saint Francis Xavier University
1997 Andria MacAulay Mount Allison University
1996 Goosney Danika Saint Francis Xavier University
1995 Gillis Johnson Saint Francis Xavier University
1994 Michael White Dalhousie University
1993 Mark Deely UNB-Fredericton
1992 Beth Barbrick Mount Allison University
1990 Heidi Crowe Mount Allison University
1989 Stephanie Langley Saint Francis Xavier University
1989 Richard Isnor Mount Allison University
1988 Subhas Gupta Mount Allison University
1988 Alison Bartlett Mount Allison University
1987 Scott MacDonald Mount Allison University
1986 Cathryn Sprout Mount Allison University
1985 Carl Duivenvoorden NSAC
1984 Stephen Flemming Acadia University
1983 Karen Alexander Mount Saint Vincent University
1983 Peggy Crawford Acadia University
1982 Susan Johnson Acadia University
1982 Leslie Robb Acadia University
1981 Brad Munt Mount Allison University
1980 Heather Leslie Acadia University
1979 Patricia MacLellan Saint Francis Xavier University
1978 Jonathon Wright Mount Allison University
1977 Alan Michelson Dalhousie University


The Botany Award

The Botany Award is presented annually for the top undergraduate presentation (oral or poster) at the Annual Science Atlantic Undergraduate Biology Conference.

The Canadian Botanical Association/L’association botanique du Canada Undergraduate Student Regional Awards Program offers an award of $200.00 at the annual undergraduate Biology conferences in each of the five regions of Canada: Atlantic region, Québec, Ontario, Prairies and Territories, and British Columbia.

The prizes are awarded for the best presentation by an undergraduate student in the discipline of botany. Some regions, including the Atlantic Region through the Science Atlantic Biology Committee, split the prize into two separate awards: one for the best oral presentation, and one for the best poster.

The purpose of this recognition is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate research in botany and to enhance the visibility of the Canadian Botanical Association. If no presentation in botany is scheduled in any given year, the money returns to the Association. Students cannot apply directly to the CBA/ABC for these awards.


The award will be made following a procedure determined by the Science Atlantic Biology Committee.

In any year, if there is no suitable candidate, the judging committee reserves the right to not give the award.

The decision of the judges is final.


The winner must be enrolled full time at a college/university in Atlantic Canada.

The winner should be an undergraduate biology major; special allowances will be made for undergraduate students pursuing a double major, of which biology is a major focus, or another closely related field working on a project that has relevance to biology.


This award is sponsored by the Canadian Botanical Association/L’association botanique du Canada. The CBA/ABC serves as the national organization for botanists in Canada, including professional botanists at universities, colleges, schools, government and industry as well as students, technicians and amateurs. The association represents Canadian Botany and botanists in matters of local, national and international importance.

For more information, please visit the CBA/ABC website.