2020-2021 Conference Season

Conference Season Wrap up

All 2020-2021 conferences were held virtually. We encountered ups and downs, but we’re proud to say that the virtual conferences were a great success. Thank you to conference organizers, sponsors and institution hosts for your support. Additionally, thank you to the Conference Oversight Committee who provided guidance throughout the transition to the virtual format. 

We’ve prepared a report on the virtual conference season based on the review of conference debriefs submitted by organizers and on the analysis of registration and attendee experience survey data. Review the report here. We’ve also created an infographic to highlight our successes, check it out below!

Check out the 2019-2020 Yearbook!

Over 139 students were recognized for their academic excellence over the past two years.

In other news...

60 Years of Science Atlantic

In 1962, the Atlantic Provinces Inter-University Committee on the Sciences (APICS) was founded to encourage collaboration across Maritime universities and

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