Science Atlantic Student Awards at AMS2021

Science Atlantic is proud to support undergraduate students through their participation and achievements in the STEM community. Science Atlantic co-sponsored four awards given at this year’s American Malacological Society Conference (AMS), hosted by Cape Breton University. Two awards were dedicated to the best undergraduate poster presentations, and two were awarded to the best undergraduate oral presentations. These awards offered a valuable opportunity for undergraduate students to achieve distinction separate from graduate studies.

Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award

Lauren Douglas and Rory MacNeil

Three of the four awards were won by Atlantic Canadian students, which is a great achievement for the Atlantic region. We are delighted to congratulate the four undergraduate award winners.  Lauren Douglas and Rory MacNeil, both from Cape Breton University, tied for the Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award. Lauren presented An Evaluation of Muskrat Middens as Tools for Monitoring Freshwater Mussel Populations, while Rory presented Mantle-flap Lure Morphology and Behavior of Lampsilis cariosa (Bivalvia: Unionidae).

Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation Award

Daniela Gutierres Andrade and Will Bauer

Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation Awards were awarded to Daniela Gutierres Andrade from the University of Tampa, and Will Bauer from Acadia University. Gutierrez Andrade discussed the Effectiveness of Ceratal Autotomy in Sacoglossan Placida kingstoni as a Crustacean Generalist Predator, and Bauer presented A Tale of Two Mussels: DNA Barcoding of Unionids from Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

As an organization that supports science education and research primarily at the undergraduate level, we could not be more proud of all of the hard work demonstrated by the participants and student award winners. Thank you Tim Rawlings for being so enthusiastic about undergraduate students in the STEM community and for advocating the value of Science Atlantic. Stay tuned to hear more on Tim Rawlings’ presentation during the AMS2021 conference. advocating the value of Science Atlantic. Stay tuned to hear more on Tim Rawlings’ presentation during the AMS2021 conference.

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