Photo of the Week: Sally Falkner

“Sally Faulkner (MtA ’18) is having a lot of fun analyzing phytoplankton and aquatic microorganisms in order to understand their contribution to biogeochemical cycles at the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Photo above features Sally working with a beautiful culture of microalgae while enjoying the gentle purr of the nutrient analyzer running behind them.

Below you can see Sally and their peers on a microalgae and water sampling day in Placentia Bay near Garden Cove, NL

During their undergraduate degree, Sally attended the Science Atlantic Fisheries and Aquaculture and Biology Conference (’18) and the Science Atlantic Environmental Science Conference (’18) to present their honours research on the macromolecular composition of diatoms under variable nutrient regimes, completed with Dr. Justin Liefer (MtA) and Dr. Zoe Finkel (DAL).

They are currently pursuing a Master’s of Ocean Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Drs. Rachel Sipler and Sue Ziegler’s laboratories. Over the next year and a half, Sally is going to be taking aquatic samples from watersheds and the coastal ocean of Newfoundland and Labrador to study primary productivity in relation to the nutrient conditions and character of dissolved organic matter.”

Submitted by Sally Faulkner.

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