Welcome from the Chair, September 2017

There is an exciting buzz coming from the labs and hallways, the reassuring bustle of new and returning undergraduates. I enjoy September, with all the optimism of a new start and new opportunities combined with reacquainting with old friends and colleagues. Science Atlantic follows the same pattern, new initiatives combined with comfortable routines.

Students at this year’s Science Atlantic undergraduate conferences will be full of optimism, tinged perhaps with a touch of trepidation as they prepare for their first presentation at a scientific meeting. Conferences kick off in October with the 2017 Science Atlantic Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Conference at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton and the 67th Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference (AUGC) at Memorial University, and conclude with Chemistry at Saint Mary’s University in May 2018. Each conference gives keen undergraduate researchers a chance to talk to colleagues and established researchers about the discoveries they have made. Watch for updates.

In March 2017 we officially launched the Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database (AFRED). This is a functional way for researchers and small businesses to connect to the array of scientific equipment available across the region. It has the potential to connect researchers with equipment they need, to more fully utilize equipment, and to connect entrepreneurs with research labs that can support them with both equipment and expertise. If your lab is not in the database, why not take a look and add your equipment?

Watch the Science Atlantic awards webpage and social media feeds (TwitterFacebook) for news of student awards. Last year more than 70 students were recognized for their outstanding contributions at SA conferences. As well, students will find useful ideas on presenting at a conference, fundraising for conferences, selecting a graduate program, and networking with colleagues on the student page.

Science Atlantic meetings encourage networking among students, students with faculty, and among faculty. In particular, our November General Meeting at Mount Saint Vincent University will follow up on the survey many of you completed this summer and provide an opportunity for you to give input on future direction. 

I am looking forward to another active year with Science Atlantic.

David McCorquodale
Chair, Science Atlantic
Dean of Science and Technology, Cape Breton University


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