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The Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database (AFRED) is set to retire

Update: September 17, 2020

Thanks to the generosity of IMPART, will be available for the next several months while we continue to investigate options for its continuation. Please let me know if you are interested in being part of this discussion.


August 12, 2020

Almost ten years ago, Science Atlantic decided to explore a new project to strengthen collaboration and build research partnerships in the region.

The Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database (AFRED) was created so researchers and entrepreneurs could access specialized equipment and infrastructure in our region in order to increase research opportunities, save costs, and develop partnerships. By 2019, over 800 pieces of equipment from 132 facilities were publicly listed in the database.

However, over the past few years, online software services have advanced at a remarkable pace, while AFRED has fallen behind. As a result, the Board of Science Atlantic has made the difficult decision to retire AFRED.

As you may know, Science Atlantic’s mandate is to support post-secondary science education and research in Atlantic Canada. While AFRED strongly aligned with our core goal of facilitating connections, we will refocus our time and resources on projects that more directly benefit science students, faculty members, and researchers in the region.

We are grateful for the support of ACOA, BioNB, Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, COVE, CREAIT, Dalhousie University, LeeWay Marine, NBIF, NSCC, NSERC, the PEI BioAlliance, Springboard Atlantic, our member institutions, and others over the past seven years.  As well, thank you to both research offices and individuals who shared equipment, space, and knowledge throughout this project.

The AFRED website will remain accessible until September 20th, at which time we will move the database and website to storage. If you’re interested in taking over the software or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

It has been a pleasure to be more involved in the Atlantic innovation ecosystem, and on a personal level, I am thankful for the many connections I have made with the talented people in our region.  I look forward to continuing to support each other in our respective initiatives.

I also want to thank the members of the AFRED Advisory Committee and current and past staff for their commitment to the project, particularly Patty King, the Program Manager for the launch phase of AFRED.

Thank you again for your support of AFRED.

Lois Whitehead
Executive Director
Science Atlantic