AFRED – the new toolbank of R&D

On March 8 we publicly launched the Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database (AFRED) at Dalhousie University’s Life Sciences Research Institute in Halifax!
This open-access database provides researchers, entrepreneurs and others with access to a registry of significant research infrastructure in Atlantic Canada. AFRED saves them time trying to locate relevant facilities and lets researchers conduct studies they could not undertake without either acquiring the equipment themselves or accessing it outside the region.
During his remarks at the launch, Board Chair David McCorquodale commented, “we see AFRED as a powerful tool for building cross-sector partnerships and opening the door to new possibilities for innovation, business development and wealth creation in the region.”
A big thank you to our member institutions, ACOA, NSERC, Springboard Atlantic, BioNB, CREAIT, Dal CORES, and many others for supporting the project thus far! Today, over 400 pieces of equipment in more than 80 facilities are registered in AFRED, and our goal is to expand the database until all eligible facilities in the region are listed.
Read the full AFRED launch media release.
Watch a Global News interview with David McCorquodale.
Read an article on CBC.

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