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Atlantic Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy Conference

February 4 to 6, 2022, Université de Moncton
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The Tindall/Steinitz Award in Research

First Place

Peter Smith

Saint Mary's University

Strong constraints on the black hole population of 47 Tuc using pulsar timing

Second Place

Desiree Rehel

University of Prince Edward Island

Computer Simulation of the Effects of Asymmetries on the Behaviour of Two Polymers Confined to a Box-Like Cavity.

Honourable Mention

Maggie Lawrence

University of New Brunswick

Using Magnetic Resonance To Study Laminar Flow

Science Communication Award

First Place

Alicia Postuma

Mount Allison University

How Not to Use a Time Projection Chamber (And Why We're Doing it Anyway)

Honourable Mention

Reagan Ross

Saint Mary's University

Simulations of P-Terphenyl Neutron Detector for Astrophysical Nuclear Reactions

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