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Atlantic Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Conference
2024 Award Winners

The 2024 Atlantic Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Conference was held February 2 to 4, at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Physics & Astronomy (AUPAC) Awards Descriptions

The Tindall/Steinitz Award in Research

Oral First Place

Victor Borges Headshot

Victor Borges

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy to Categorize Electrophoretic Mobility and Diffusion in Colloidal Nanoparticles

Oral First Place

Lucienne Pothier-Bogoslowski Headshot

Lucy Pothier-Bogoslowski

Saint Mary's University

Investigating the Soft Excess in a Sample of AGN

Science Atlantic Science Communication Award

Oral First Place

Shannon Bowes Headshot

Shannon Bowes

Mount Allison University

Constraining Physical Parameters of Eclipsing Binary lambda Scorpii

Oral First Place

Liam MacNevin Headshot

Liam MacNevin

University of Prince Edward Island

Scaling Laws of Deformed Stretched and Twisted Polycatenanes

Honourable Mention

Katherine Myers Headshot

Katherine Myers

Saint Mary's University

Clumpy, Interacting Galaxies with JWST: Exploring the Role of Interactions on Clumpy Star-Forming Regions with JWST/NIRISS

Students' Choice Award

Oral First Place

Samuel Moir Headshot

Samuel Moir

University of New Brunswick

Cold Atoms in the Maritimes: Characterizing Canada’s Latest Cold Atom Trap

Oral First Place

Keely Ralf Headshot

Keely Ralf

St. Francis Xavier University

Supercritical Harbingers of the Critical Point in the Ising Model