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Special Projects Fund

Special Projects Fund

The Special Projects Fund supports cross-disciplinary activities that advance Science Atlantic’s mission. Examples of possible projects include reviewing online journal software, developing the Atlantic Research Articles Database (ARAD), creating an alumni database, updating Conference-in-a-Box content, etc.

Project proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed by the Board in consultation with the Executive Director.

Source of Funding: The Science Atlantic Holding Accounts Policy states that each Committee may accumulate a surplus of up to $7,000 from their activities.  To ensure Science Atlantic is in compliance with this policy, each year at fiscal year end (August 31), Holding Account balances in excess of $7,000 will be transferred to the Science Atlantic “Special Projects Fund”. (More details can be found on our policy page.)

Application Instructions

Please download the project proposal template. Submit a completed project proposal and a budget to Lois Whitehead (

Approval Process

An initial review will be completed by staff to confirm the proposal fits the funding request guidelines.  Once complete, it will be provided to the Board for discussion at their next meeting.  The Board will either a) approve, b) ask for clarification/recommend modifications, or c) reject the proposal.  

The typical response time from the Board will be 4-6 weeks depending on when the request has been received.

If the project is approved, staff will work with the project lead to provide the approved support.


Once the project is complete, you must submit an evaluation report based on the criteria that was indicated in your funding application.