Committee Chair Job Description

(updated July 2021)

Term:  Two years with one possible renewal of two years

Election:  By Committee members


As a member of Science Atlantic

  • Support the mission of Science Atlantic.
  • Represent the Committee to the Board, Institutional Representatives and other Committee Chairs, including presenting special project proposals.
  • Participate in discussion and activities that support the mission of the organization.
  • Prepare a report of the Committee’s activities for annual general meeting (November).
  • Participate in the annual meeting of the Committee Chairs (November).
  • Participate in periodic virtual meetings as business related to committees arises (2-4 per year).

For the Committee

  • Convene a meeting at least once (preferably twice) a year. This may be by teleconference or virtual meeting.
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda in a reasonable time prior to the meetings and ensure that the minutes of the previous meeting are made available to Committee members in advance.
  • Lead participation in the Committee’s Virtual Commons group (reminding people to post documents to the Committee’s archive, encouraging discussions by group email, etc.).
  • Work with the office staff to maintain the Committee’s membership and website.
  • Ensure other positions on the Committee are filled and that the office is informed of changes. These may include: Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Conference Organizer, Speaker Tour Coordinator, Programming Competition Coordinator, etc.
  • Be aware of and ensure that the Committee adheres to the policies of Science Atlantic.
  • Share information from the organization with Committee members.
  • Interact with other Committee Chairs to share best practices and ideas.

For Conferences and Conference Organizers

  • Be familiar with and share Science Atlantic policies as they relate to conference delivery.
  • Oversee the choice of venues for future conferences.
  • Ensure there is a Conference Chair from the faculty and/or a faculty advisor for the student organizing committee as soon as the following year’s location is confirmed.
  • Ensure that a primary contact (usually the Conference Chair or faculty advisor) is appointed from the organizing team for interacting with your Committee, the Science Atlantic office, and student groups.
  • Check in periodically with the organizers to see if they have any questions or needs.
  • Six months before the conference, remind organizers to submit a progress report and draft budget to you and the Science Atlantic office, and address any concerns.
  • Ensure that award winner information is provided to the Science Atlantic office immediately after the conference so that announcements can be made and awards can be sent quickly.
  • Ensure that the conference organizers follow up with a final report and financial statement one to three months after the conference.