Please Welcome Our New Staff!

Science Atlantic is excited to begin the new year by welcoming two new employees for the January 2023 semester. Please keep reading to learn a bit more about who they are and what they will be working on.

Jessica Trigo da Paz

Headshot of Jessica Trigo

Junior Web Developer 


Jessica is finishing up her computer programming degree at Fanshawe College with a co-op work term at Science Atlantic. Her passion for technology, computers, and video games led her to learn more about how the technology we use every day works. 


Her background in biomedicine and her volunteer work with various mental health advocacy groups sparked her interest in Science Atlantic. In her role as Junior Web Developer, Jessica will be responsible for updating the design and accessibility of Science Atlantic’s website. She is excited to learn more about the structure and function of nonprofits while working with the organization.

Sabrina Sgambati

Communications and Member Engagement Assistant


Sabrina is currently in her third-year at Acadia University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, with co-op option, in psychology. Her interest in the determinants of human behavior drove her to explore this diverse field. 


Sabrina’s previous experience working in the communications sector will influence her work at Science Atlantic. As the Communications and Member Engagement Assistant she will help assemble Science Atlantic’s newsletters and blog posts, communicate with members, and maintain the organization’s social media presence. She is excited to strengthen her communication skills during her work term at Science Atlantic.

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