Photo of the Week: Meredith Karcz

Meredith Karcz has spent her fair share of time wading through ocean tide pools to study Rockweed or Ascophyllum Nodosum. Meredith graduated from St. Francis Xavier University this past December where she worked with Dr. David Garbary and Dr. Moira Galway of the Biology Department.

Her first picture “shows a cell wall layer shedding on a receptacle of Ascophyllum collected from Captains Pond, Nova Scotia” and her second “shows a dense Ascophyllum bed in Connemara, Ireland.”

She writes: “Ascophyllum nodosum or Rockweed forms dense canopies and provides a complex habitat for other seaweed and invertebrates in the intertidal zone. This seaweed has a self cleaning mechanism to manage biofouling on its surface. The seaweed sheds the cell wall layers of its outermost cells. This regularly removes any organisms that have colonized its surface.”

She now spends her days split between Nova Scotia and Australia travelling and nourishing her passion for plant life.

A cell wall layer shedding on a receptacle of Ascophyllum from Captains Pond, Nova Scotia

A dense Ascophyllum bed in Connemara, Ireland

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