Science Atlantic Annual General Meeting Pin Recipients

Award recipients (l to r): Kathy Singfield (SMU), Jon Ohlhauser (Crandall), Amanda Cockshutt (MtA), Bruce MacDonald (UNB-SJ), Van Lantz (UNB-F), Dave McCorquodale, Board Chair (CBU), Chris Moore (Dal), Merrill Edwards (UNB-F; retired). Not pictured: Tillmann Benfey (UNB-F), Marcia English (StFX), Anton Feicht (UNB-SJ), Jeff Hooper (Acadia), Christian Lacroix (UPEI), Igor Mastikhin (UNB-F), Michele Piercey-Normore (Grenfell) Heather Hunt (UNB-SJ).


Science Atlantic depends on the many faculty members from across the region who volunteer their time to ensure the continuing activities of the organization.

In gratitude, we have initiated a service recognition program for all members who have been involved for five years or longer, or who have been involved for three years as well as coordinating a Science Atlantic conference. Over the next year we will be recognizing all eligible current members and collecting names of past members who are deserving of the award.

Each member is presented with a silver puzzle piece shaped lapel pin and a card that reads:

Puzzles, like science, are about discovery, problem solving, and making connections. Science Atlantic encourages these values in all its activities.

The Science Atlantic puzzle piece is a symbol of how each unique part of Science Atlantic (students, faculty, researchers, institutions, the many science disciplines, and others) works together to achieve our mission of connecting science education and research.

You are an essential piece of Science Atlantic.

Thank you for your contributions!  We celebrate your dedication and commitment to Science Atlantic/APICS and thank you for taking part.

We hope you will wear this pin to demonstrate your support of the values that we stand for: discovery, learning, connection.


Science Atlantic Annual General Meeting 2016 Service Pin Recipients

On November 25, at the 2016 Science Atlantic Annual General Meeting held at University of New Brunswick – Fredericton, the following members were recognized:

Presented by Lois Whitehead, Executive Director, and Dave McCorquodale, Chair of the Board

  • Tillmann Benfey (UNB-F)
  • Amanda Cockshutt (MtA)
  • Merrill Edwards (UNB-F)
  • Marcia English (StFX)
  • Anton Feicht (UNB-SJ)
  • Jeff Hooper (Acadia)
  • Christian Lacroix (UPEI)
  • Van Lantz (UNB-F)
  • Bruce MacDonald (UNB-SJ)
  • Igor Mastikhin (UNB-F)
  • Chris Moore (Dal)
  • Jon Ohlhauser (Crandall)
  • Kathy Singfield (SMU)

Unable to attend:

  • Michele Piercey-Normore (Grenfell)
  • Heather Hunt (UNB-SJ)


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