Donation FAQ

Why should I give to Science Atlantic?

Your donation supports science education and research in Atlantic Canada. Science Atlantic supports academic student conferences, lecture tours by notable scientists, awards recognizing research and science communication skills, travel assistance for students, and workshops for faculty. 

Doesn't my institution already pay a membership fee?

Currently, 18 post-secondary and research institutions in Atlantic Canada pay membership fees to belong to Science Atlantic. However, as costs have risen and post-secondary institution budgets are restricted, these fees are not enough to cover the expenses associated with running our various programs. Donations are one additional source of revenue for Science Atlantic to meet its financial needs.

I pay to attend the Science Atlantic conference. Where does that money go?

The fee you pay to attend a Science Atlantic conference is the minimum needed to cover the cost of your participation. A typical conference can cost as much as $20,000 to run (or more). Organizers seek sponsors to help pay the costs for speakers, travel, nutrition breaks, room rentals, printing, awards, etc. to keep your registration fee as low as possible. The fee you pay does not reflect the true cost of your participation in the conference.

Is Science Atlantic a charity? I thought it was university-based?

Yes, Science Atlantic is a federally registered charity, registration number BN 81908 0565 RR0001. While many of the organizations involved with Science Atlantic are post-secondary institutions, Science Atlantic itself is a separate and independent non-profit organization.

I already gave my time; isn't that enough?

Many members generously give their time to the Science Atlantic Board, committees, and conferences. Thank you! Your commitment allows Science Atlantic to be an active advocate for science in the Atlantic region with minimal office staff. Nonetheless, there are costs associated with running Science Atlantic that cannot be covered through volunteer work or from current income sources.

How can I make a donation?

You can make an online donation through CanadaHelps.

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. Science Atlantic is a registered a charity which allows us to issue receipts for tax purposes. If you donate through our online portal (managed by CanadaHelps), you can request an immediate copy of your receipt by email. If you donate by cheque, we will mail you a receipt by the end of the tax year.

I have an NSERC (or other) research grant. Can I make a donation from these funds?

Probably not. Expenditures from a grant should follow the guidelines specified by the grantor. If you are interested in making a donation in this way, you should first check with the granting body from whom you received your funding. In some cases, funds from research grants can be used for travel and conference registrations.

Will my donation be recognized in any way?

As a private donor, you will receive a personal tax receipt for your donation (unless you choose to donate anonymously). Science Atlantic publicly recognizes business and government sponsors in its annual Awards Yearbook, and each conference has its own guidelines for recognizing sponsoring companies through the display of logos on printed materials and websites, naming awards, etc.

What if I want to remain anonymous?

Your donation to Science Atlantic is confidential. Only the staff and/or volunteers involved in receiving your donation will know that you have donated.

If you make a donation via the CanadaHelps website, you will be asked for the information needed to charge your credit card and to generate a tax receipt. CanadaHelps keeps your banking and credit card information confidential; Science Atlantic does not receive this information. If you select the “donate anonymously” option, Science Atlantic will receive the amount donated but not your personal information.

What about my personal information?

Neither Science Atlantic nor CanadaHelps sells, rents or trades mailing lists (Science Atlantic Privacy Policy; CanadaHelps Privacy Policy).

What information does CanadaHelps collect and how is it used?

CanadaHelps collects your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and credit card information. Once a donation is made, the donor information (less credit card information) is available to Science Atlantic, unless anonymity is requested on the donation form. We keep this same donor information on file only to satisfy our own recordkeeping requirements.

Is the CanadaHelps site secure?

Yes. CanadaHelps adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) (from the CanadaHelps FAQ, retrieved October 2020).

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us at or view the complete CanadaHelps FAQ on their website.