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Women in Science Speaker Tour

2021-2022 Speaker Tour

Dr. Nadja Bressan

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering University of Prince Edward Island

Speaker Tour Dates and Locations

Thursday, January 20, 2022 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Mount Saint Vincent University
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Veterinary Medicine Engineering – A New Field of Science

Nadja Bressan currently works at the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering, University of Prince Edward Island and does research in Control Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Nadja’s research program is based on Veterinary Medicine Engineering and takes place in her lab, the MAB  Mechatronics Applied to Biomedicine. This novel field aims to improve therapeutics, animal care, and animal research developing models to replicate human and animal real-time data as digital twin, enabling learning and reasoning dynamically to improve decision-making of physicians, veterinarians, and scientists without exploiting animals.

Nadja Bressan received a BS in Industrial Automation from Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brazil, in 2005; MSc in Automation, Instrumentation and Control in 2007 and PhD (European Doctorate) in Biomedical Engineering in 2011 from Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal. Nadja developed the first Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system for total intravenous anesthesia using Target Controlled Infusion in the neurosurgery environment. Nadja was a clinical researcher at the Anaesthesiology Department of Hospital Geral de Santo António in Porto, working regularly in the neurosurgery setting collaborating in clinical and animal research.

Dr. Alana Pindar

Environmental Science
Cape Breton University

Speaker Tour Dates and Locations

This tour occurred Fall 2021

Flowers, Food, and our Future: the status and trends of our wild bees

Dr. Alana Pindar is an expert on insect pollinator biodiversity (particularly wild bees) and has worked extensively on what habitats they need to survive and thrive and how they respond to environmental threats (like climate change, pesticide exposure, pathogens, etc). Alana has recently joined Cape Breton University as the Weston Family Professor in Ecosystem Health and Food

Alana worked as a bee scientist at the University of Guelph where she investigated the impacts of global change on wild bees: specifically, how stressors interact, and which play the most significant roles in affecting wild bee populations. Throughout Alana’s career, she has developed a passion for pioneering the importance of conserving and maintaining biodiversity of pollinators in changing landscapes. She led a comprehensive review to identify, prioritize and assess evidence to produce a report on the Status and Trends for Pollinator Health in Ontario for the Ontario Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Alana was the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Webster Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Sciences.