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Science Atlantic Environment Conference 2019

March 8-10, 2019, Saint Francis Xavier University

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Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award (Award Description)

Oral, First Place

Megan Clarke
Memorial University – Grenfell Campus
Habitat and carcass availability affect scavenging rates in an island setting: implications for bird-window collision mortality estimates

Oral, Second Place

Sarah Stewart
Acadia University
Running on empty: Determining the
presence of feeding behaviour in
Anadromous Alewife in Jolicure Lake, NB

Poster, First Place

Shawn Feener
University of New Brunswick – Fredericton
Effects of invasive fish predators on
Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolt survival

Poster, Second Place

Milia Aidemouni
University of New Brunswick – Saint John
Optimal alpha – Validating a better
method for making decisions


Science Atlantic Communication Award (Award Description)

Devon McGrath
Memorial University
Selective High Surface Area Pollutant Scrubbers:
Metal-Organic Frameworks for Sequestration of
Atmospheric Nitrous Acid

K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre Award (Award Description)

Emilie Noel and Kindy Houinato
Mount Allison University
Recent radial productivity and
periods of suppressed growth in sugar
maples of Fundy National Park

Science Atlantic Graduate Research Award (Award Description)

Oral, First Place

Julia Campbell
Mount Allison University
Using Subfossil Midges to Assess the
Potential Impacts of Mink Farming on
Lake Water Quality in Southwestern Nova Scotia

Oral, Second Place

Sarah Adams
Acadia University
Diversity of fungi from marine wood from the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada

Past Student Award Winners