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Science Atlantic is a federally incorporated, charitable association representing 17 post-secondary institutions in Atlantic Canada. 

We have been providing networking and learning opportunities for students and faculty in the Atlantic region since 1962. Our core membership consists of the Deans of Science or equivalent and approximately 150 faculty representatives from our member institutions. 

Science Atlantic activities include annual student conferences in ten disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, speaker tours by notable scientists, awards recognizing students, and workshop and networking opportunities for students and faculty.


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Institutional Representatives

Institutional Representatives (Deans or Science or equivalent) from the member institutions hold the vote for determining the direction of the organization.  They annually elect a Board of Directors to oversee the business of the organization.  The Institutional Representatives meets annually to monitor committee activities and to discuss issues of general concern.

The Board 

The Board consists of a Chair, Chair Elect or Past-Chair, Treasurer, three Institutional Representatives, three Committee Chairs, and two members-at-large.  The Board meets monthly to discuss financial concerns and to regulate the strategic direction of the organization.

The Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee’s purpose is to assist the Board and Executive Director in setting and maintaining the strategic direction for Science Atlantic and to empower the strategic planning subcommittees to carry out their activities in support of the goals of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

Discipline Committees

Standing committees in various disciplines report to the Board and are dedicated to student and faculty engagement through the organization of activities including annual conferences and speaker tours. Committees set their own goals and organize their own activities based on the requirements of their particular area of science, subject to approval of the Board. 

Committee members are appointed by their department or dean. At the discretion of the committee, other persons may participate in its activities and deliberations without voting privileges. Each committee shall elect an Executive consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. 

  • Stay up-to-date with Science Atlantic news and promote opportunities to students and faculty.
  • Attend the annual conference when possible and encourage student participation.
  • Interact and foster communication with colleagues from other institutions.

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The Science Atlantic Virtual Commons is an invitation-only, password-protected system that facilitates communication with your fellow committee members by providing a mailing list, file sharing, and a virtual meeting space. Click here to log in.

You may also participate in e-mail discussion through your institutional email address. See the list of committee email addresses below:

If you have any questions, please check the Virtual Commons FAQ or contact us.

Click here to review our policies. To advance our commitment to fostering equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility (EDIA) within our programs and services, our Policy Oversight Committee has been working diligently on reviewing our existing set of policies to identify areas that require improvements as they relate to EDIA. Updated policies will be Board approved in 2021.

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A Year in Review

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Upcoming Conferences

Our student conferences will continue online, and the first two dates are confirmed! Check out the details here!

2020-2021 Speaker Tour

Due to COVID-19 three out of our four speaker tours have been cancelled. The Geoscience Speaker Tour will continue online. 


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Science Atlantic Staff

Lois Whitehead, Executive Director

Michelle McPherson, Membership Support Officer

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