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Women in Science Speaker Tour, in Partnership with WISEatlantic

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Tour Coordinator:  Tamara Franz-Odendaal (MSVU), NSERC Chair Women in Science and Engineering–Atlantic Region (WISEatlantic)

The purpose of the Women in Science Speaker Tour is to showcase the research conducted by female faculty in Atlantic Canada. Female faculty represent only about 25-30% of all faculty in the physical and life sciences, mathematics, and computer sciences in Canada but are important role models for female students in science.

A different scientific discipline will be featured in each speaker tour. Two tours will be run per academic year, with each speaker visiting three or more Science Atlantic member institutions (in the case of higher travel costs, this may be reduced to two with prior approval of the Tour Coordinator). At least one of these talks will be a public talk.

Please submit suggested speakers to the Speaker Coordinator.


1. Each speaker will visit a minimum of three Science Atlantic member institutions (in the case of higher travel costs, this may be reduced to two with prior approval of the Tour Coordinator). It is the responsibility of the Tour Coordinator to ensure travel between institutions is arranged in the most efficient manner to minimize costs and the time commitment for the tour speaker.

2. A speaker’s schedule and travel budget must be approved by the Women in Science Tour Coordinator at least two months before beginning a tour. The speaker should keep a copy of communications from the Coordinator noting that the budget has been approved.

3. The schedule, title, abstract (including any images), and speaker’s photo should be provided to jasmine@scienceatlantic.ca as soon as the tour is approved so that the talks can be publicized.

4. A maximum of $800 is available for each tour, based on receipts submitted following the allowable expenses guidelines below [as per other Speaker Tours].

5. Financial support is provided by Science Atlantic and the NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering–Atlantic Region. The speaker is asked to acknowledge this support verbally and in their visual presentation. The logos can be obtained here:  Science Atlantic logo | WISEatlantic logo

6. Allowable expenses

a. Travel between institutions (including home institution)

i. Travel may be completed by air, rental car, or personal vehicle, as is most economical.

ii. Personal vehicle use will be reimbursed at $0.42/km. Gas for rental vehicles will be reimbursed based on submitted receipts.

b. Accommodations

i. Each host institution is responsible for covering all local expenses, including at least one night’s accommodation.

ii. Support from the Tour sponsors is limited to a second night’s accommodation when required.

c. Meals

i. Each host institution is responsible for covering all local expenses, including meals.

ii. Tour sponsors will reimburse meals required while the speaker is travelling between institutions. Maximum meal reimbursements provided by the Tour sponsors are as follows (receipts must be provided):

1. breakfast: $8

2. lunch: $12

3. dinner: $24

7. Reimbursement process

i. The reimbursement form should be completed and mailed with original receipts to the Science Atlantic office (download reimbursement form). Electronic copies may be emailed to lois.whitehead@scienceatlantic.ca.

Science Atlantic
c/o Dalhousie University Dept of Psychology & Neuroscience
1355 Oxford Street, PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2

ii. Science Atlantic will review the claim with the Tour Coordinator.

iii. Reimbursement may take up to 60 days.

2019-2020 Speaker Tour

Veronica Whitford
Veronica WhitfordPsychology Department, UNB


SMU- Thu. Mar. 12
Loyola Room 296
4:00 pm

Oculomotor Patterns in Disordered Reading: A Focus on Schizophrenia and Developmental Dyslexia

Dr. Veronica Whitford is an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Psychology Department at the University of New Brunswick. She obtained her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from McGill University (under the supervision of Dr. Debra Titone). She then completed two postdoctoral fellowships in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: the first at the University of Western Ontario (under the supervision of Dr. Marc Joanisse) and the second at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University (under the co-supervision of Drs. John Gabrieli and Gigi Luk). Her research focuses on the behavioral and neural correlates of reading in children and adults with diverse language and cognitive backgrounds.

Download Dr. Whitford’s tour poster!