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2020 Annual Members Meeting

November 27th, 1:00pm – 5:00pm​

Thank you to everyone who attended! We had a great turnout and some exciting ideas that came out of the discussion. A follow-up event will be scheduled in January so we can take a closer look at turning some of those ideas into reality. 

We will also be sending out a feedback form to all attendees and would appreciate your input on how our first ever virtual members meeting went.

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November 27th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm


  1. Welcome and Call to Order 
  2. Establishment of Quorum
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Approval of the Annual Members Meeting Minutes, November 15, 2019
  5. Remarks from the Chair and Executive Director
  6. Acceptance of 2020 Committee Reports
  7. 2018-2022 Strategic Plan Update
  8. Financial Report
    1. Presentation of Financial Statements for the Interim Fiscal Period ending August 31, 2019
    2. Presentation of Draft Financial Statements for the Fiscal Period ending August 31, 2020
    3. Appointment of Financial Reviewer for 2021
    4. Presentation fo 2020-2021 Budget
  9. Membership Report
    1. Election of 2020-21 Board of Directors
  10. Other Business
  11. Adjournment of Business Meeting

Michelle McPherson, Program and Membership Support Officer, will present the initial findings from a community research project conducted in collaboration with the Membership Engagement Committee.

The goal of this research was to learn about the needs of various types of faculty not currently served by the programs Science Atlantic delivers.  Currently, the active Science Atlantic membership represents a small percentage of the faculty population in the Atlantic region, consisting almost entirely of tenure/tenure-track faculty members. Anticipated outcomes of this of this project will be to engage a more diverse audience and to identify how Science Atlantic might be able to serve the broader academic community.

About Michelle

Michelle McPherson completed both an undergraduate degree in Biology as well as a Master’s degree in Earth Science at St. Francis Xavier University. Her Masters work focused on the impacts of climate change on Lyme disease in Canada. To continue her work in the research field, Michelle also works part-time as a Research Coordinator at Dalhousie University in the information management department.

As Science Atlantic’s Program and Membership Support Officer, Michelle applies her research and project management skills to better understand faculty needs and improve member onboarding. In addition, she works with conference organizers to educate them on Science Atlantic’s role in conferences and to share best practices.

The Team

Science Atlantic Membership Engagement Committee:
  • Trevor Avery, Aquaculture & Fisheries Committee Chair; Acadia A&F Representative
  • Stephanie Jones, Acadia University Psychology Representative
  • Christian Lacroix, Board Chair; Professor of Biology, UPEI
  • Michelle McPherson, Program and Membership Support Officer
  • Lois Whitehead, Executive Director
  • Ben Dornan, Dalhousie University Commerce co-op student
  • Richard Inkpen, Saint Mary’s University Psychology co-op student
Special thanks:

Ashley Greene, CEO and founder of The Instratify Group ( and a customer insight advocate, provided pro bono support throughout this project. 

Ashley is also a former intern in the Youth Education and Communications Program run by Science Atlantic (then the Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences) from 2002 to 2006. The YEC Program placed high school students as research assistants at member institutions, combining hands-on research experience with professional communications training. Participants graduated as Ambassadors of Science and presented their experience at public schools across Atlantic Canada.

Cynthia Sweeney

Simply Good Form

Human rights and global citizenship are the founding principles of Simply Good Form, and Cynthia’s passion for communication and navigational expertise are focused on beyond binary inclusion and creating space for everyone. Through the socially-focused diversity and inclusion consultancy, Cynthia and her team empower businesses, schools, and organizations to be intentionally inclusive through service delivery, recruitment procedures, and policies that shape up our biases. 

With a background in journalism and writing, Cynthia is acutely aware of the present-day thirst for accurate, detailed and fact-based information in today’s sea of murky false-news-overload. 

Cynthia is committed to giving back to her community and is a Director on the board of PRIDE Lunenburg, the founder and chapter leader of Pflag Halifax, part of the national non-profit Pflag Canada, and a navigator supporting the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.  She speaks regularly at the IWK Integrated Trans Health Symposium for youth into adulthood and hosts the weekly Podcast, Hey, Cis! with Co-host Isaac C. 

Cynthia doesn’t believe everyone deserves participation medals. She simply believes everyone deserves an opportunity to have space in the game.