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Conference Stakeholder Responsibilities

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Science Atlantic


  • Advertise conference details (i.e., location, dates, etc.) through various communication channels including and our newsletters
  • Inform Institutional Representatives of upcoming conference locations (conference scorecard)
  • Maintain committee mailing lists to facilitate conference-related discussion and promotion
  • Announce award winners on Science Atlantic’s awards page and newsletter
  • Post conference photos on Science Atlantic’s Flickr account

Resources and support

  • Initial orientation meeting for discipline Committee Chair and conference organizers
  • Conference-in-a-Box (CIAB) conference planning guide


  • Contribute funds for Awards (amount varies by conference)
  • Review and approve draft budget (reviewed and approved by the Executive Director and Committee Chair)
  • If requested and approved, issue float from committee-specific Holding Account 
  • If requested, collect registration payments through PayPal or Stripe
  • Issue award cheques and letters of commendation
  • Review final financial report
  • Complete post-conference financial reconciliation and transfer of funds


  • Survey development and analysis

Host Institution and Institutional Representative

Host Institution Responsibility: Science Atlantic student conferences must be organized following the hosting institution’s policies and agreements.  The institution’s administrative departments (financial services, conference services, etc.) should be aware that a Science Atlantic student conference is an event put on by the host institution, not an external organization. Administrative units should provide assistance as they would for other internal events (this does not necessarily mean free of cost).  The Institutional Representative (see below) can be of assistance in making clarifications if needed.

Institutional Representative Responsibility:

  • communicating with faculty and student organizers regularly regarding major conference planning progress and challenges;
  • advocating for campus meeting room spaces, event equipment, and other in-kind support;
  • staying apprised of conference planning details by reviewing the monthly Conferences Scorecard and other conference information provided by the Science Atlantic office; and, 
  • providing assistance (financial, advocacy, advice) in the case of a conference deficit.

The office of the Institutional Representative is also encouraged to provide financial support in the amount of $1,000 for a conference hosted on their campus.  This amount may vary depending on availability of funding from other sources and the number of conferences taking place on campus in a given year.

Committee Chair

Committee Chair Responsibility: 

  • Be familiar with and share Science Atlantic policies as they relate to conference delivery.
  • Oversee the choice of locations and venues for future conferences.
  • Ensure there is a Conference Chair from the faculty and/or a faculty advisor for the student organizing committee as soon as the following year’s host is confirmed.
  • Check in periodically with the organizers to see if they have any questions or needs.
  • Ensure that a primary contact (usually the Conference Chair or faculty advisor) is appointed from the organizing team for interacting with your Division Committee, the Science Atlantic office, and student groups.
  • Six months before the conference, remind organizers to submit a progress report and draft budget to you and the Science Atlantic office, and address any concerns.
  • Ensure that award winner information is provided to the Science Atlantic office immediately after the conference so that announcements can be made and awards can be sent quickly.
  • Ensure that conference organizers complete a final report and financial statement one to three months after the conference.

Faculty Advisor and Organizing Committee

Faculty Member Responsibility: At most member institutions, only events that are overseen by an employee/faculty member/administrator are covered under the institution’s legal, liability, and financial policies.

The faculty member coordinating a conference (or overseeing student organizers of a conference) acts as the primary point of contact for conference related business between the conference organizing committee, the Institutional Representative, Science Atlantic staff, and the corresponding Science Atlantic discipline Committee Chair.

The faculty member is responsible for ensuring:

  • regular communication with the Institutional Representative;
  • that the policies of their institution are adhered to;
  • that the policies of Science Atlantic are adhered to; and,
  • Science Atlantic operational requirements (budget preparation, award information, etc.) are completed in a timely manner.