Broadening Horizons

What is Broadening Horizons?

In 2020, we spoke with Atlantic Canadian faculty about their experiences in the post-secondary STEM community. From these conversations we were able to gain insights into:

  • what contributes to role satisfaction,
  • what challenges faculty are facing, and
  • what motivates faculty to get involved in associations.


Results from the Broadening Horizons project were presented at the 2020 Annual Members Meeting (AMM), where breakout groups brainstormed ways to act on the results.

Now, we are looking for your help to develop activities that will build on these ideas and expand our ability to advance post-secondary science education and research in Atlantic Canada.

Upcoming Opportunities for Involvement

Below are the first activities to come out of the November 2020 brainstorming. These opportunities are open to all: current and former faculty, students and grads, and members of the broader community.

Are you interested in brainstorming how to support EDI practices in the Atlantic STEM community? Sign up by using the form in the right hand column. 

Believe it or not, Science Atlantic is approaching its 60th anniversary year. The organization has such a rich history and we want to share that! We are looking for a group of volunteers to help plan and launch 60th anniversary celebrations starting September 2021. Click here for a preliminary list of ideas. Sign up by using the form in the right hand column. 

News and Updates


Get Involved

Want to help shape the future of the post-secondary science community in the Atlantic region? 

Structure and Responsibilities of
the Strategic Planning Committee and Subcommittees

View the Science Atlantic organizational chart (PDF) or select an option to learn more about the purpose and function of the Strategic Planning committee and related subcommittees. 

Click here to review the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, Creating a Culture of Opportunity (PDF)

Strategic Planning Committee
Sustainable and Inclusive Governance Subcommittee
  • Membership Engagement
  • Ad hoc Committee to Develop MOU with Member Institutions
  • Policy Oversight
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Resources
Partnerships and Community Subcommittee
  • Outreach, Alumni, and Student Engagement
  • Working Group on Research/Advocacy
Leadership and Empowerment Subcommittee
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Conference Planning Oversight