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St. Francis Xavier University

Science Atlantic Representatives Meeting

November 19, 2015, 12:30 pm

Room 819, Nicholson Hall

News and Current Activities

Student Engagement

Conference Planning Resources


  • Presentation by Patty King, AFRED Program Manager
  • AFRED one pager (.pdf download)
  • Sign up for updates on AFRED (Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database)

Ways to Stay in Touch

2015-16 StFX Reps:

Animal Care Phillip Robichaud
Aquaculture & Fisheries Jim Williams
Biology *Russell Wyeth
Cory Bishop
Chemistry Brian MacLean
Computer Science Laurence Yang
Earth Science Brendan Murphy
Environment Dave Risk
Math & Stats **Stephen Finbow
Physics & Astronomy Michael Steinitz
Psychology Erin Austin
* Biology Vice-Chair
** Incoming M&S Chair