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Dalhousie University

Science Atlantic Representatives Meeting

December 16, 2015, 3:00 pm

Group Testing Room (Rm 2266) Psychology Wing of the LSC

News and Current Activities

Student Engagement

Conference Planning Resources


  • Presentation by Patty King, AFRED Program Manager
  • AFRED one pager (.pdf download)
  • Sign up for updates on AFRED (Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database)

Ways to Stay in Touch

2015-16 Dal Reps:

Animal Care Chris Harvey-Clark charveyc@dal.ca
Aqua & Fish Christophe Herbinger christophe.herbinger@dal.ca
Biology Allison Schmidt aschmidt@dal.ca
Lois Murray lois.murray@dal.ca
Chemistry Norm Schepp nschepp@dal.ca
Computer Science Nauzer Kalyaniwalla nauzerk@cs.dal.ca
Earth Science Grant* Wach grant.wach@dal.ca
Environment Daniel Rainham daniel.rainham@dal.ca
Math & Stats Dorette Pronk pronk@mathstat.dal.ca
Physics & Astronomy Scott Chapman scott.chapman@dal.ca
Psychology Jennifer* Stamp jennifer.stamp@dal.ca

* Committee Chair