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Science Atlantic Reps Meeting

Acadia University

December 7, 2016

Horton Hall, Room 201


1. Introductions


2. News and Background


3. Current Activities

  • Hall of Fame
  • Members welcome: Committee on the value of hands-on labs and experiential learning
    • Heather Hunt (Biology, UNB-SJ), Jennifer Stamp (Psychology, Dal)
  • Members welcome: Committee to review conference organizer support
    • Tamara Franz Odendaal (Biology, MSVU), Brent Myron (CREAIT, MUN), Dave MaGee (Dean of Science, UNB-F), (Dave Hornidge, Physics, MtA)
  • Strategic Planning in 2017


4. Student Engagement


5. Member Topics (possible topics)

  • Special Projects
  • Speaker Tours
  • Promoting Science Atlantic on Campus
  • Issues, Questions


Ways to Stay in Touch