NSIS Student writing competition

NSISThe Nova Scotian Institute of Science (NSIS) sponsors an annual Science Writing Competition for students, with two categories:

i) $750 for the best article written by a graduate student

ii) $500 for the best article written by an undergrad

The author of the winning paper will also be invited to submit the paper for publication in the Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science.

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Important dates
December 31, 2015: Notification of intent to enter the competition
February 19, 2016: Entries are due

The “Notification” and “Final Submission” should be sent to the NSIS Science Writing Competition Coordinator by e-mail to hbird@eastlink.ca or by post to: Dr. H.M.B. Bird, NSIS, c/o 15 Amber Drive, Williamswood, NS B3V 1E8

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