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Introduction to Psychology & Neuroscience textbook

This online textbook was adopted for students at Dalhousie during the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020, to 1) increase access and 2) customize content to reflect our students’ experiences.

The foundation for this textbook was from existing Open Educational Resources (OERs), including  Psychology 2e from OpenStax,  Introduction to Psychology by Cummings & Sanders (University of Saskatchewan), Discovery Psychology 2.0 from Noba Project, and various upper-level Psychology courses from Lumen Learning.

The textbook is a living document, changes are incorporated  when needed to reflect new perspectives and research findings. Most new content in the textbook is driven by student feedback and written in collaboration with upper level student authors. Videos of lecture content (Tricky Topic video series) and brains-on activities are embedded throughout the textbook. Although developed for use at Dalhousie University, it is Creative Commons-licensed and is available to anyone outside of the institution. Memorial University of Newfoundland adapted their own version of this textbook.

Discover the textbook here