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Upcoming Chemistry Conference

The 2024 Chemistry Conference (ChemCon) will be held May 23 to 25 at Cape Breton University. Keynote speakers will include Dr. Nicoletta Faraone (Acadia) and Dr. Stefania Impellizzeri (Toronto Metropolitan).

Registration for the conference is now open!

Once registered, students may submit an abstract to be considered for an oral or poster presentation. The abstract submission deadline is April 24.

For non-presenting attendees, the final day to register will be May 23.

Information on the conference schedule, nearby accommodations, maps, and even things to do in the area can be found on the Chemistry Conference 2024 website.

ChemCon 2024 Logo

“This year ChemCon’s theme is ‘Journey Through Chemistry’, which is meant to highlight the different paths chemistry students can take throughout their academic careers, and later, their professional lives. Our goal is to showcase the diversity of the discipline and the various opportunities the future may hold for chemistry students.”