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Welcome from the Chair, September 2011

A New Term – A New Name – A New Look

As students return to books and classrooms, and professors to PowerPoint, a sense of anticipation grows on the campuses of Atlantic Canada.  What will this course be like?  Can I really learn (or teach) this stuff well?  What new experiences lie ahead this year?  We all know the feeling – it’s a bit like having another chance, or a second “new year”.  Ahead lies so much promise.  It’s at least 7 weeks until we are at mid-term, and wondering where the time went.

At Science Atlantic, we experience the same sensations.  Not only is it a new school year for us, but we are rebranded with a new name, a new look, and renewed vigour.  After a very busy summer preparing for this point, the last pages of book called APICS have been turned, we look forward to a gala year as we celebrate what APICS has done for us over the past 50 years, and we put the old name with that enigmatic “I” on the shelf, and start a new chapter.  You’ll see a lot of the same faces, but hopefully we will all quickly get used to calling ourselves Science Atlantic!

What will you find in Chapter 1?  Student conferences in Maths and Stats (St. FX) and Geoscience (MUN) are far advanced in the planning stages.  There you will see the first celebrations of 50 years of APICS.  The Science Atlantic website is set to launch with new initiatives to assist in conference planning and organization.  Our new logo features puzzle pieces – not only does the act of putting together a puzzle sum up so much we do as scientist, but it also sums up Science Atlantic, connecting people, disciplines, and universities.

I hope you can make use of Science Atlantic to reinforce these connections and to continue the pursuit of science in our region.

Rob Raeside
Chair, Science Atlantic
September 21, 2011