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Beyond the Binary

Please join us Nov. 27, 2020 at 3:30 pm AST for guest speaker Cynthia Sweeney, founder of Simply Good Form the consultancy for beyond binary thinking.

About Cynthia:

Human rights and global citizenship are the founding principles of Simply Good Form, and Cynthia’s passion for communication and navigational expertise are focused on beyond binary inclusion and creating space for everyone. Through the socially-focused diversity and inclusion consultancy, Cynthia and her team empower businesses, schools, and organizations to be intentionally inclusive through service delivery, recruitment procedures, and policies that shape up our biases. 

With a background in journalism and writing, Cynthia is acutely aware of the present-day thirst for accurate, detailed and fact-based information in today’s sea of murky false-news-overload. 

Cynthia is committed to giving back to her community and is a Director on the board of PRIDE Lunenburg, the founder and chapter leader of Pflag Halifax, part of the national non-profit Pflag Canada, and a navigator supporting the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.  She speaks regularly at the IWK Integrated Trans Health Symposium for youth into adulthood and hosts the weekly Podcast, Hey, Cis! with Co-host Isaac C. 

Cynthia doesn’t believe everyone deserves participation medals. She simply believes everyone deserves an opportunity to have space in the game. 

All are welcome November 27!