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Become a Science Atlantic Division Representative!

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Did you know that NSCC is a member of Science Atlantic and that as NSCC faculty you’re a member too? 

Interested in serving your students and providing them with STEM research and networking opportunities? Looking to expand your career and meet colleagues from schools across the Atlantic region? Then consider becoming a Science Atlantic Division Representative!  

Science Atlantic facilitates collaboration, communication, and research activities amongst all 18 member institutions in various STEM divisions. Organizing conferences, workshops, and professional development sessions. Our aim is to help students, educators, and researchers  showcase their work, share knowledge, and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing all to advance their careers. 

How will you benefit? 

  • Increases opportunities to interact with others in the region.       
  • Ability to share different learning opportunities with your students.
  • Professional development.                 
  • Unique learning experiences. 
  • Enabling leadership avenues
  • Networking opportunities. 
  • Communication within post-secondary education institutes in Atlantic Canada. 

As a Division Representative you’re responsible for: 

  • Staying up to date with us by following our X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, and subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter The Science Atlantic Minute
  • Promoting Science Atlantic events to students and faculty at your school. 
  • Attending your division’s annual conference and encouraging student participation.
  • Sharing your school’s information with Science Atlantic representatives from other schools.


Science Atlantic’s mission is to grow and connect the post-secondary science communities in the Atlantic Region. The inclusion of NSCC as one of our member institutions provides a unique opportunity for communication between universities and community colleges, thereby enhancing the networking avenues available to all. Additionally, our wide array of divisions will allow researchers from NSCC to easily share their work within their discipline and the broader community, expanding NSCC’s reach and bolstering its science programs.

Interested? Please contact 

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