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How do I log in?

1.  Login at using your Science Atlantic ID (  

If you have another Google account, you must log in with your Science Atlantic ID. Click “Sign in with a different account” (image 1).


(image 1)

2.  Join Hangout

Note: the first time you join a Hangout, the software will ask to install a plugin and to access your camera/microphone.  This is safe.

Select your group’s Hangout.

Note: you may need to switch accounts even if you have already logged in with your Science Atlantic ID. Click “Switch account” (image 2).

Google Hangouts account switch option

(image 2)

What equipment will I need?

Hangouts supports Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS mobile devices.  For help with how to use Hangouts for each of these devices, check Google Hangouts support.

You will need a high speed Internet connection, a microphone (internal or external), and speakers (internal or external). Optional are a webcam and a headset.

I can’t hear/see anyone, noone can hear/see me, or I can’t install the plugin.

For technical troubleshooting, please refer to Google’s Troubleshoot guide.