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Science Atlantic Psychology Conference 2021

May 6 and 7 2021, Hosted virtually by Memorial University of Newfoundland – Grenfell Campus.

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award

Hannah James

Mount Allison University

Burnout and Job Satisfaction in a University Context: Does Self-Compassion Matter?

Allyson Lamont

University of New Brunswick - Saint John

Food Insecurity, Mental Health Service Use, and Medical Healthcare: The Role of Depression

Abbie Morales

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

The Effects of Linguistic Background in Young Adults' Executive Functioning

Michaela Ritchie

University of New Brunswick - Saint John

The Role of Semantic Processing in the Generation Effect

Science Atlantic Science Communication Award


Mya Dockrill

Dalhousie University

The Development of Intuitive Cooperation


Robb Tupper

Acadia University

The Art of Self-Deception: Individual Differences in Death-Thought Accessibility Following Standard Manipulations of Mortality Salience and Delay

Karen Nicholson Award


Saisha Rankaduwa

Dalhousie University

Re-Analysis of Body Representation in the Somatosensory Cortex: An Investigation of the “Femunculus”