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Psychology | Past Winners

Science Atlantic Communication Award


Megan Digou, Cape Breton University

Housing Insecurity at Cape Breton University & Suggestions for Improvement

Ernest Ng, Dalhousie University

Use your head: Investigating the nature of motor-imagery based learning


Mya Dockrill, Dalhousie University

The Development of Intuitive Cooperation

Robb Tupper, Acadia University

The Art of Self-Deception: Individual Differences in Death-Thought Accessibility Following Standard Manipulations of Mortality Salience and Delay


Oral: Elizabeth Dreise, St. Thomas University

We’re not doing it to be nasty!: Informal caregivers’ accounts of negotiating driving safety with their aging loved one

Poster: Steven Wilton, Acadia University

Motivational Conflict in Individuals with Low Self-Esteem: The Effect of Self-Affirmation Strength on the Trade-Off Between Anxiety and Depression


Oral: Irene Li, Mount Allison University

Beyond Episodic Memory: The Role of the Hippocampus in Complex Scene Perception

Poster: Victoria Mackey, Memorial University

The Endocannabinoid System and its Role in the Therapeutic-Like Effect of Stress Controllability


Oral: Hannah Anstey, St. Thomas University

Is Self-control the Key to Relationship Success? An Experimental Manipulation

Poster: Laura Bennett, Dalhousie University

The role of Sim1 in the specification of molecularly distinct V3 interneuron subpopulations in the mouse spinal cord


Dominic Guitard, Université de Moncton

Is backward recall really based on visuospatial information?

Laura Prichard, St. Thomas University

Student's Knowledge and Perceptions of Traditional and Cyberbullying


Tyler Pritchard, Grenfell Campus

Memorial University, Exploring the Process of Meaning-making after Partner Suicide

Mark Vickers, Cape Breton University

Student Perceptions of Mental Health, Services and Supports: A Grounded Theory Study


Oral: Catherine Gallagher, St. Francis Xavier University

Attachment, Emotion Regulation, and Antisocial Behaviour in a Sample of Federally Incarcerated Women

Poster: Philip Aucoin, Mount Saint Vincent University

Verbal overshadowing of visual memories: Some things are better left unsaid- Replication of Schooler and Engstler-Schooler


Oral: Emily Ready, St. Thomas University

Lawyers’ Beliefs and Accuracy of Knowledge Pertaining to Eyewitness Research


Oral: Sarah Leger, Mt. Allison University

Self-Reports and Biomarkers of Smoking: Do They Tell the Same Story?

Oral: Chrissy Macaulay, St. Francis Xavier University

A Test of Mindfullness Meditation Versus Hatha Yoga for Reducing Anxiety Sensitivity

Poster: Erin Sheppard, St. Mary's University

Examining Coping as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Customer Mistreatment and Employee Well Being


Poster: Misha Leach, Saint Mary's University

The Job-Demands Resource Model Applied to Student Context as a Predictor of Burnout and Engagement

Oral: Sacha Nadeau, Mount Allison University

Digging through the Kindergarten: Uprooting the Precursor Skills of Orthographic Learning


Oral: Joyce Yu, Dalhousie University

A Preliminary Test of the Integrated Model of Perfectionism

Poster: Mallory Peacock, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Early Exposure Effect on Time-Place Learning Task


Jessica McCutcheson, University of New Brunswick Fredericton

When you're not straight in the military: A gendered experience (Carmen Poulin accepting the award on Jessica's behalf)

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award


Justine Yick, Memorial University

A Reverse Production Effect in Adults? Trends in the Production of Novel Word-Picture Pairs

Sophie Landry, Mount Allison University

Examining the Influence of Social Barriers and Sexual Scripts on Positive Casual Sexual Experiences in University Students

Courtney Stacey, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Word Age of Acquisition Effects on Reading Behaviour in Bilingual Older Adults

Kristen Gallant, University of Prince Edward Island

Adolescence as a sensitive period for the acquisition of musical knowledge: A preliminary investigation


Hannah James, Mount Allison University

Burnout and Job Satisfaction in a University Context: Does Self-Compassion Matter?

Allyson Lamont, University of New Brunswick - Saint John

Food Insecurity, Mental Health Service Use, and Medical Healthcare: The Role of Depression

Abbie Morales, Memorial University - Grenfell Campus

The Effects of Linguistic Background in Young Adults' Executive Functioning

Michaela Ritchie, University of New Brunswick - Saint John

The Role of Semantic Processing in the Generation Effect


Oral: Caitlin Barry, University of New Brunswick Saint John

The Influence of Social Factors on the Relationship Between Sexual Orientation and Mental Health

Oral: Morgan Nesbitt, University of New Brunswick Saint John

The role of syntax in songbird communication: An analysis of song order in the hermit thrush (Catharus guttatus) song

Poster: Colin MacKay, Dalhousie University

Investigating how glutamatergic V3 interneurons differentially innervate distinct motor pools in the mouse spinal cord

Poster: Lucas Walters, Memorial University

I got it from my mama: Exploring the relationship between maternal psychological distress and child adaptive skills as moderated by fetal sex and mediated by maternal cortisol


Oral: Jared Shapiro, Dalhousie University

Optogenetic Modulation of Parvalbumin-expressing Interneurons Affects Mouse Primary Visual Cortex Pyramidal Cell After-Responses

Poster: Johanna Murphy, Memorial University

How Math Anxiety Differs Across Individual Differences in Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge


Oral: Nicole Rodriguez, Memorial University

Power Off is Better Off: The impact of LED-Backlit Device Use at Night on Insomnia

Poster: Gregory Anderson, Mount Saint Vincent University

University Professor vs. Soccer Hooligan: The Effects of Stereotype Priming on a General Knowledge Test


Oral: Karen Buckle, St. Thomas University

Spontaneous Activation of Causal Inferences Consistent with the Self-Serving Bias: A Probe Recognition Investigation

Oral: Lisa Fang, Memorial University

The effects of diet cycling on male and female mice

Poster: T-Jay Anderson, Mount Saint Vincent University

What’s all the Hype about Binaural Beats? An Examination of the Differential Effects of Binaural Beats, Arousal, and Placebo on Attentional Vigilance

Poster: Jennifer Hunter, University of New Brunswick Fredericton

Does access to notes during a test increase long-term retention of information?


Oral: Nicole Ralph, Memorial University

Investigating the Neuroanatomcal Localization of Phospho-mTOR in the Hippocampus Following Predator Stress Interactions

Poster: T-Jay Anderson, Mount Saint Vincent University

Is Attentional Vigilance Improved by Listening to Binaural Beats and is it Moderated by Positive Leading Instruction?


Oral: Maryani Lesmana, University of New Brunswick

Experiences of the Exceptionally Old Living in the Neoliberal Age: Community Participation and Independence

Oral: Anna Scheidler, St. Thomas University

Unrealistic Optimism and Negative Life Effects

Poster: Jonathan Cunninghum, St. Francis Xavier University

An Examination of the Positive Allosteric Modulator Fendline on Cocaine Self-Administration and Cue-Induced Reinstatement in the Rat

Poster: Joshua Quinlan, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Position Error Gradients in the Brown-Person Paradigm


Oral: Timothy Wingate, Mount Allison University

Procrastination and Task Delay: Why Tomorrow is Always the Busiest Day of the Week

Oral: Amy Silver, Dalhousie University

Does Reward Magnitude Moderate the Effects of Ownership?

Poster: Jillian Glasgow, Acadia University

When you need a hand: A model of attachment and support seeking in romantic relationships

Poster: Anika Needham-Reece, Mount Saint Vincent University

The Effects of Text Language Knowledge and Visual Cue on Homophone Identification Skills


Oral: Aleka MacLellan, Mount Allison University

Promoting Positve Body Image Through Self-Compassion

Oral: Emily Tredger, Dalhousie University

Are Intentionally Forgotten Memories More Susceptible to the Misinformation Effect?

Poster: Brittany Jensen, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Acute Inhibition of mTOR Kinase via Systemic Rapamycin Blocks Weight Gain and Food Intake in Rats Under Normal Dietary Conditions

Poster: Amanda Cranford, Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Effect of Repeated Exposure to Palatable Food: The Development of Food Preference in the Lateral Hypothalamus


Poster: Danielle Jackson, Memorial University

A Rodent Model Of Vascular Cognitive Impairment: Assessing The Effects Of Stroke In Prefrontal Cortex And Thalamus Using An Attentional Set Shifting Task

Oral: Morag Ryan, Memorial University

Parental Choices: A Biological And Behavioural Analysis Of The Common Murre (Uria Aalge)


Oral: Joey Dignam, St. Francis Xavier University

Community Responses to Breastfeeding: An Objective Study

Poster: Tanya Bilsbury, Dalhousie University

The Effects of Race and Polarity on Second-Order Relational Processing


Poster: Kerry Worth, Saint Mary's University

Synchronous pregnancy: An evolutionary perspective

Oral: Conor Mullin, University of Prince Edward Island

The effect of learning on visual search and and change detection: The role of features and objects

Karen Nicholson Award in Neuropsychology


Amy Thompson, Mount Allison University

Investigating the Agreement Between Cognitive Assessments of Neurologically Unhealthy Aging


Saisha Rankaduwa, Dalhousie University

Re-Analysis of Body Representation in the Somatosensory Cortex: An Investigation of the “Femunculus”


Klara Doelle, Dalhousie University

Phenotypes and Pathologies in a Rat Model of Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury


Mariam El-Serafi, Dalhousie University

Examining the Role of the Parietal Cortex in Motor Imagery


Charlotte Cowan, Dalhousie University

Resting state functional connectivity differences between current dependent smokers, formerly dependent smokers, and never smokers


Yasmin Beydoun, Dalhousie University

Studying Morpho-semantic and Morpho-syntactic Anomalies in Modern Standard Arabic through ERPs


Jasmyn Cunningham, Dalhousie University

Effects of Sleep Restriction on Components of Attention


Morgan Johnson, Dalhousie University

Spatial Seperation of Cortical Activity Associated with First and Second Language Processing in Late Second Language Learners


Hiliary Martin, Memorial University

The role of Bcl-x in embryonic cortical development


Diane Ross, St. Francis Xavier University

Cannabinoid Treatment of Ischemic Brain Injury: Extent of Tissue Damage and Behavioural Impairments


Sean Rasmussen, Mount Allison University

Dissociation of Sensory and Motor Components of Multisensory Enhancement


Nicole White, Dalhousie University

Neuroplasticity of Gesture Recognition


Megan Fisher, Mount Allison University

The impact of incongruent information on novel stimulus identification

Other Awards


Hackathon - NOW: George Fazaa, Dalhousie University

Hackathon - NOW: Laura Coon, University of New Brunswick

Hackathon - NOW: Chi Nguyen, St. Thomas University

Hackathon - EXPLORE FURTHER: Tessa Cosman, Dalhousie University

Hackathon - EXPLORE FURTHER: Sophie Landry, Mount Allison University

Hackathon - EXPLORE FURTHER: Sarah MacIssac, University of New Brunswick

Hackathon - EXPLORE FURTHER: Brooke Tracy, University of New Brunswick

Hackathon - EXPLORE FURTHER: Josh Weatherbey, Mount Saint Vincent University

Hackathon - Qunatity of Annotations: George Fazaa, Dalhousie University

Engagement Prize, Conference Day: Nicole Basso, Dalhousie University

Engagement Prize, Conference Day: Brooke Tracey, University of New Brunswick

Engagement Prize, Conference Day:Josh Weatherbey, Mount Saint Vincent University

Engagement Prize, Conference Day: George Fazaa, Dalhousie University

Engagement Prize, Conference Day: Justine Yick, Memorial University


McGraw-Hill Ryerson Book Prize: Skye Fitzpatrick, Dalhousie University

Perfectionistic Concerns, Interpersonal Discrepancies, And Psychological Well-Being: A Longitudinal Mixed-Method Approach

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Book Prize: Stephanie Allen, Dalhousie University

The Perfectionism Model Of Binge Eating: A Two-Wave Longitudinal Study Of Middle-Aged Women


Nova Scotian Institute of Science Award: Rebecca Lethbridge, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Intrahippocampal infusion of the B-adrenoreceptor agonist Isoproterenol potentiates the perforant path-evoked population spike in the dentate gyrus of Urethane-anesthetized rats