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Mathematics & Statistics | MSCS Past Winners

Science Atlantic Communication Award


Aaron Dwyer and Michael Willette, Grenfell University

Domineering in Misère Play


Jordan Berrett, Dalhousie University

A Link Between Music Theory and Graph Theory


Josh Feldman, Dalhousie University

Popularity and Community: Using the Spatial Preferential Attachment Network to Model Infectious Processes


Undergraduate: Hayley Tomkins, Dalhousie University

Stern polynomials and generalizations

Graduate: William Kidney, Mount Saint Vincent University

A Method for Estimating Parameters for GP Model Fitting


Patrick Murray, Acadia University

Ambush Cops and Robbers

Neil Spencer, Acadia University

Checking Equivalence of Subset-Groupings with Applications to Design Theory


Neil Spencer, Acadia University

Orthogonal Arrays, and Dinner Parties

Best Oral Presentation (Research Award)


First: Jeremy Peters, Dalhousie University

Geometric Algebra for Relativity

Second: Samantha Bardwell, St. Francis Xavier University

A Dynamic Individual-Based Model of a Population of People Who Inject Drugs

Third: Everett Patterson, Mount Allison University

Using Linear Algebra in Quantum Entanglement Theory


Mathematics Stream

First: Margaret Hopkins, Acadia University

An analysis of phase structure and execution of Steve Reich’s "Marimba Phase"

Second: Charlie Gerrie, Dalhousie University

The Power-Index Game

Third: Alex Christie, Dalhousie University

Trace Equivalence in Three Dimensions

Statistics Stream

First: Grace Tompkins, St. Francis Xavier University

Pre-pregnancy Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure and its Effects on Latent Breast Cancer Development

Second: Ali Raisolsadat, University of Prince Edward Island

A Geometric Approach to Risk Management


First: Courtney Allen, University of New Brunswick

Entropy and entanglement in quantum gravity: a delightful romp through mathematical physics

Second: Maggie MacPhee, Mount Allison University

A Philanthropic Variant of Parallel Chip-Firing

Third: Katie MacEachern, St. Francis Xavier University

Peaceably Coexisting Armies of Queens Game, and a Variation


First: Jordan Barrett, Dalhousie University

The Power Index Game

Second: Katie MacEachern, St. Francis Xavier University

Size Bounds for Peaceably Coexisting Armies of Queens

Third: Leah Genge, Memorial University

Stochastic Domain Decomposition for Elliptic Grid Generation in Parallel


Mathematics Stream

First: Hayley Tomkins, Dalhousie University

Stern polynomials and generalizations

Second: Kody Crowell, Acadia University

Validating Tidal Models in the Bay of Fundy Using Surface Drifters

Third: Alexandre Pepin, Université de Moncton

An updated Lagrangian method with error estimation and adaptive remeshing for very large deformation elasticity problems: the three-dimensional case

Statistics Stream

First: Yinduo Ma, St. Francis Xavier University

Multiple imputation for Canadian charitable organization data

Second: Sota Ichiba, Acadia University

An alternative method of ordered ANOVA under unequal variances

Third: Faith Lee, Memorial University

Comparison of the logistic regression model and Cox regression model


Mathematics Stream

First: Yuhuai Wu, University of New Brunswick

Discrete Equidecomposability and Period Collapse

Second: Emily Rosta, Cape Breton University

Existence of Weak Solutions to a Non-Linear Dirichlet Problem

Third: Rejean Leblanc, Mount Allison University

Counting categories with n morphisms

Fourth: Brandon Doherty, University of New Brunswick

Global Dimensions of Endomorpism Rings

Fourth: Matt Trace, Acadia University

Skolem Labelled Graphs

Fourth: Peter Graves-Akerley, Saint Mary's University

An Approximate Version of Specht's Theorem

Statistics Stream

First: Matthew van Bommel, Acadia University

Stage-wise surrogate modelling of Tidal Power Functions

Second, tie: Zhouqin (Mary) He, St. Francis Xavier University

Business Failure Prediction For Canadian Charitable Organizations using Data Mining Techniques

Second, tie: Dylan Day, Acadia University

Self-similar Distributions with Uniform Marginals

Fourth: Jon Smith, Acadia University

Tidal Model Validation in the Bay of Fundy


First: Matthew van Bommel, Acadia University

Stage-wise surrogate modelling of Tidal Power Functions

Second: Zack Delaney, Mount Allison University

Eternal Domination on 3 by N grids

Third: Peter Graves-Akerley, Saint Mary's University

Traces of Unitary matrices with disjoint spectra and Spect's Theorem


Christopher Van Bommel, St. Francis Xavier University

Planar Triangulations and the Domination Chain

Michael Deveau, Acadia University

Characterizations of Completeness and the Archimedian Property

Dylan Day, Acadia University

Using Image Processing to Count Apple Mites


Mathematics Stream

First, tie: Jonny Lomond, Memorial University

Growth and Graphs of Group Actions

First, tie: Ryan Oulton, University of New Brunswick

Fredericton, Selected Uniform Polyhedra, Kaleidoscopes and Coxeter Diagrams

Third: Christopher van Bommel, St. Francis Xavier University

Gamma Graphs of Graphs

Statistics Stream

Kenneth MacDonald, Acadia University

Optimization Issues in Gaussian Process Models

Science Atlantic Graduate Research Award

Science Atlantic Mathematics Competition


First: Renzo Flores and Ellen Doria

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Second, Tie: Angela Dawson and Sam Bauer

Memorial University

Second, Tie: Vaughn Menchions and Xiaoyu Jia

Dalhousie University