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Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference

2023 Award Winners


The 2023 Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference (AUGC) was held October 19 to 21, at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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AUGC Awards Descriptions

Science Atlantic Best Paper Award

Oral Presentation

Headshot of Abigail Kennedy

Abigail Kennedy

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mapping and petrographic analysis of the gold bearing rocks beyond the known deposit zone - Marathon Gold

Frank S. Shea Memorial Award in Economic or Applied Geology

Oral Presentation

Headshot of Gabriela Fuentes Waye

Gabriela Fuentes Waye

Saint Mary's University

Timing and structural controls on mineralization in the Prairie Creek zinc-lead-silver deposit, Northwest Territories

Imperial Oil Best Poster Award

Poster Presentation

Headshot of Hayley Newell

Hayley Newell

Acadia University

MeHg and THg concentrations of Hawaiian invertebrates and surface soils: potential volcanogenic influence

Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS) Environmental Geoscience Award

Oral Presentation

Headshot of Lauren Kew

Lauren Kew

Dalhousie University

Reconstructing changes in the Northwest Atlantic 14C depth gradient using deep water bamboo corals

Canadian Energy Geoscience Association (CEGA) Award

(Formerly known as the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) Award)

Poster Presentation

Headshot of Kira Evans

Kira Evans

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Building the foundation for a 3D offshore model of Newfoundland

Previous Award Winners

AUGC 2022 Award Winners

The 72nd Atlantic Universities Geological Conference (AUGC) was held October 27 to 29, 2022, at Acadia University

Thank you to our generous conference sponsors!

Science Atlantic Best Paper Award

Headshot of Claire Gullison

Claire Gullison

University of New Brunswick,

Microplastic in Beach Sediment from Marys Point, Shepody National Wildlife Area, Southeast New Brunswick 

Imperial Oil
Best Poster Award

No photo

Leila Rashid

Saint Mary's University

Documenting Recent Human Influences Using Remote Sensing Techniques on the Tekes River Alluvial Fan, Xinjiang, China

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) Award

Headshot of Nikita Lakhanpal

Nikita Lakhanpal

Saint Mary's University

Survey of Porewater Geochemistry within Deep Marine Hydrocarbon Seep Sediments of the Scotian Slope, Canada

The Frank S. Shea Memorial Award
in Economic Geology

Headshot of Taylor Mugford

Taylor Mugford

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mineralogy of the Boundary Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) Deposit of the Tally Pond Group, Victoria Lake Supergroup, Newfoundland Appalachians

The Canadian Society of Exploration
Geophysicists (CSEG) Award

Headshot of Megan MacDonald

Megan MacDonald

Dalhousie University

Machine-learning Focal Mechanism Inversion for Hydraulic Fracking-induced Earthquakes

Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS)
Environmental Geoscience Award

Headshot of Julianna Whelan

Julianna Whelan

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Methane Flux, Source, and Lipid Biomarkers of Serpentinite-hosted Groundwater Springs at Contrasting Sites of Terrestrial Serpentinization

Previous Award Winners