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Conference FAQ

How will I know that my abstract was submitted correctly?

You will be brought to a new page stating that your abstract submission was successful. If your abstract submission is not successful, you will be presented with an error message detailing what went wrong with your submission.

How will I know that my conference registration was successful?

You will be brought to a new page stating that your registration was successful. If your registration is not successful, you will be presented with an error message detailing what went wrong with your submission.

Why do you need my email address and mailing address?

If you win an award you will be contacted via email and your letter of commendation and prize will be sent to your mailing address. The Science Atlantic privacy policy is found here.

I have registered for a conference but cannot attend. What do I do?

Please contact your conference organizer (found on your conference’s webpage) as soon as possible to let them know. Email to request a refund if you’ve already paid. Please refer to the Science Atlantic Cancellation Policy.

I paid to attend a conference but require a refund. What do I do?

First, please review the Conference Registration Payment and Cancellation Policy, found here. If you feel that you should be eligible for a refund, contact

I am a faculty member, can I pay for my students registration?

Yes you can. On the payment page, you will have the option to pay for multiple registration fees at once. Please make sure to enter the names of each attendee you are paying for

I attended a conference and did not receive a receipt for my payment – what can I do?

If you paid for your registration via PayPal, you should received an email confirmation for your payment. If you did not receive an email conference contact If you did not pay by PayPal, please contact your conference organizer for a receipt.

What are the guidelines for abstract submission?

Each conference has developed unique guidelines for abstract submission. You can find all abstract guidelines here:

Does Science Atlantic publish submitted abstracts?

Not in the sense of a “formal publication”. Science Atlantic does not lay claim to any submitted work. Any presentations made at a Science Atlantic conference are considered the intellectual property of the presenter. Your abstract will be published in the conference program, and if you are an award winner, your abstract will be included in the annual Awards Yearbook, but neither of these documents is considered a scientific publication.


I already submitted my abstract and need to make an edit. What do I do?

If you’ve already submitted your abstract and you want to make an edit, you must contact Depending on the timing, your edits may be integrated into the abstract book.

I understand there are prizes for presenters at some of the conferences. What are they?

You can learn about each award, including criteria for evaluation, on the Science Atlantic Awards Information page.

You keep telling me to contact my conference organizer. Who is that?

Each Science Atlantic conference is coordinated by a group of volunteers at the host university. Please check your conference’s individual website to find the contact information for your conference organizer. If you cannot find a contact, please email and we will refer you to the appropriate person.