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Science Atlantic Nutrition and Foods Conference 2020

March 12-14, 2020 – University of Prince Edward Island

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Award (Award Description)

Oral Presentation

Kate Braddon
Mount Saint Vincent University
Supervisor: Shannan Grant
Evaluating Pre- and Post- Education
Knowledge Scores from Women with
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Interacting
with an Online Low Glycemic Index
Education Platform

Enhanced Poster

Tim Lamont
Acadia University
Supervisor: Matthew McSweeney
Surf’n Bake: Exploring the Sensory
Characteristics of Seaweed Composite Bread

Enhanced Poster

Imene Hank 
University of Prince Edwards Island
Supervisor: Sarah Finch
Assessing the Implementation of
the New Canada’s Food Guide
Recommendations in Childcare Settings

Graduate Research Award (Award Description)

Oral Presentation

Jelisa Gallant
Mount Saint Vincent Univsersity
Supervisor: Kyly Whitfield
Human milk total thiamine concentrations
among rural Cambodian women on
various thiamine supplementation
regimes, 12 weeks postnatal

Enhanced Poster

Cindy Yu
Dalhousie University-AG
Supervisor: Vasantha Rupasinghe
Identification of superior apple genotypes
for the management of type 2 diabetes

Enhanced Poster

Lauren Viana
St. Francis Xavier University
Supervisor:Marcia English
Characterizing the Impact of Soaking and
Germination on the Aroma Profile and
the Chemical Composition of
Yellow-Eyed Bean Flour

Science Atlantic Communication Award (Award Description)

Oral Presentation

Julia Heckbert
University of Prince Edward Island
Supervisor: Jennifer Taylor
Food use, food security and food
production and sales across growing seasons
among rural Kenyan women

Travel Award (Award Description)

Kate Braddon
Mount Saint Vincent University
Supervisor: Shannan Grant

Chelsea Purdy 
Mount Saint Vincent University

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