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Science Atlantic Nutrition Committee

February 28-March 1 2018 | Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS

Conference website (coming soon)



The Science Atlantic Nutrition Committee is comprised of nutritional and food scientists and educators from each University in the Atlantic Provinces that has either an established nutrition or food science department, program or faculty position. The committee serves as a community for faculty and students working within the nutrition and food science fields, notably those in human nutrition, dietetics and food science.

The main objectives of this group include:

  • Promoting the study of nutrition, dietetics, food science and technology, as well as the various careers and development opportunities within each area and their wide-ranging contributions to society
  • Supporting and promoting opportunities for students and faculty to develop their understanding of the basic and applied nutritional sciences and to engage in transdisciplinary learning and collaborations.

Some of the group’s activities include:

  • Organizing a minimum of one conference every two years for undergraduate and graduate students, providing a multidisciplinary forum for presentation of nutrition and food science projects
  • Promoting Science Atlantic Student Chapter engagement at their University.


Marcia English

Marcia EnglishChair
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