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Science Atlantic Environment Conference 2014

March 14-15, 2014, St. Francis Xavier University
Please download the Conference Program (.pdf) for abstracts of presentations.

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All photos © Sean Thibert

Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award (Award Description)


Sarah MacLeod_cropped

Sarah MacLeod
St. Francis Xavier University
Uncertainty in modeled deforestation due to albedo variability

Oral, honourable mention

Liz O'Connell_cropped

Liz O’Connell
St. Francis Xavier University
Mapping gas variability for energy development monitoring


Joanna Poltarowicz_cropped

Joanna Poltarowicz
Dalhousie University
An analysis of phosphorus cycling in waste stabilization pools (WSPs) in Nunavut

Poster, honourable mention

Anna Bishop1

Anna Bishop
Dalhousie University
Surveying vernal pools in Nova Scotia: a pilot study to test for lanscape correlates of pool occurrence and to develop an optimal field methodology


Science Atlantic Communication Award, sponsored by Canadian Science Publishing (Award Description)


Amanda Loder_cropped

Amanda Loder
Acadia University
Examination of trace metals in gastropods to determine the potential for accumulation in the Border Marsh Region


Emma Hoffman_cropped

Emma Hoffman
Dalhousie University
Canine Scent Detection of an Invasive Wood-Boring Insect, the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle in Laboratory Conditions


Science Atlantic Best Graduate Presentation Award

Sara Klapstein_cropped

Sara Klapstein
Memorial University
Phototransformation of dissolved organic carbon within mercury sensitive lakes in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia