History of the AUGC

The Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference (AUGC) was inaugurated in 1950 at Dalhousie University. This completely student organized conference is the oldest geologic Conference in Canada, with the exception of the Geologic Association of Canada. Every year the AUGC hosts a conference where undergraduate students have the opportunity to present their current work, learn about local geology, meet members of the Atlantic geologic community and enjoy the company of like minded students.

The AUGC also provides students a chance to see the local geology of the host university; each year it is customary to run several day long field trips of the local geoology. Typically, about 150 undergraduate students take part in the activities, which include these one-day field trips, lectures by prominent geologists, and a competition for the best undergraduate research project.

Presently all universities in Atlantic Canada that have a geology department are members of the AUGC. The members include Fletcher Geology Club from Acadia University, Alexander Murray Geology Club from Memorial University, Dawson Geology Club from Dalhousie University, Fairbault Geologic Society from St. Francis Xavier University, Bailey Geological Society from the University of New Brunswick, and D. Hope-Simpson Geology Club from St. Mary’s University.

The members of AUGC send undergraduate student representatives to present research that they are currently pursuing. This allows the presenters a chance to sharpen their presentation skills in competition with the best of their colleagues in Atlantic Canada. The presentations also give earth science students a good idea of what is needed and expected in putting together a high quality presentation. The conference allows undergraduate students interested in the earth sciences to come together and forge new friendships with other earth science students.

The AUGC has been used as a model for several other geologic conferences by organizations in Canada and the U.S.

Science Atlantic is a major sponsor of the AUGC, and the Earth Science Committee is one of the key organizers.

AUGC Constitution (.pdf)