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67th Atlantic Universities Geological Conference (AUGC)

October 26-28, 2017, Memorial University of Newfoundland

AUGC 2017 Conference Program (.pdf) (with abstracts)

AUGC Photos (on Science Atlantic’s Flickr)

Science Atlantic Best Paper Award (Award Description)

Ariel cropped2

Ariel Greenblat, Dalhousie University
A high resolution record of sediment deposition
in the Gulf of Aqaba
during the last ~1000 years

Imperial Oil Best Poster Award (Award Description)

Mariah Williams

Mariah Williams, Saint Mary’s University
Discriminating multiple mineralization events
of the diatremeassociated Cu-Mo-W-Au occurences 
at the Revenue Deposit, Dawson Range, Yukon Territory, Canada

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) Award (Award Description)

Max Chipman

Max Chipman, Acadia University
The Bountiful Coprolites of the Joggins Formation

The Frank S. Shea Memorial Award in Economic Geology (Award Description)

Kate Woods

Kate Woods, Dalhousie University
An experimental study of the effect of water
on chromite saturation in komatiites

Best Geophysical Presentation (CSEG Award) (Award Description)

Joey Pittman

Joey Pittman, Memorial University of Newfoundland
A geophysical characterization of a Bog in Gullbridge, Newfoundland

Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS) Environmental Geoscience Award (Award Description)

Kirklyn Davidson

Kirklyn Davidson, Acadia University
Spatiotemporal assessment of metal concentrations
of pre-effluent estuarine sediments 
in a freshwater kraft pulp mill tailings pond
using paleolimnological methods