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65th Atlantic Universities Geological Conference (AUGC)

October 22-24, 2015, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS

AUGC 2015 Conference Program (.pdf) (with abstracts)

AUGC Photos (on Science Atlantic’s Flickr)

Science Atlantic Best Paper Award (Award Description)

Presenter: Fred Bonner

Award Winner: Katie McCulloch (left), Acadia University


Petrology and geochemistry of the Jeffers Brook Pluton, western Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

Imperial Oil Best Poster Award (Award Description)

Presenter: Greg Godec

Award Winner: Glen Hodge (right), Saint Mary’s University


Fluid inclusion and stable isotope study of gold formation in the Lavoie-Maisie Gold District, northwestern New Brunswick

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) Award (Award Description)

Presenter: Jennifer Noade

Award Winner: Daniel MacLeod (right), St. Francis Xavier University


Evaluation of Nexen interest and competitor land throughout the Corner Property, northeastern Alberta

The Frank S. Shea Memorial Award in Economic Geology (Award Description)

Presenter: Rob Raeside

Award Winner: Corwin Trottier (right), Saint Mary’s University


Polymetallic Ni-Co-As-Bi-Ag-U veins with co-precipitating bitumen at Copper Pass, southern Slave Province, Northwest Territories

Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS) Environmental Geoscience Award (Award Description)

Presenter: John Calder

Award Winner: Kazuhito Mizutani (left), Memorial University


Effects of solid-to-solution ratio on copper (II) and zinc (II) adsorption onto natural sediment: an experimental and modeling study