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APICS Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Conference 2009

October 23-25, 2009, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Computer Science Award Winners

First Place Undergraduate


Catherine Holloway
Dalhousie University
Inferring Evolutionary Networks of Genomes using a Convex Optimization Procedureo

Second Place Undergraduate


Aaron Atwater
Dalhousie University
A Preliminary Study on Skype Traffic Classification using Machine Learning

First Place Graduate


Christopher Whidden
Dalhousie University
A Unifying View on Approximation and FPT of Agreement Forests

Second Place Graduate


Kerul Patel
University of New Brunswick
Investigation of channel formation in MANET

Best Graduate Poster

First Place – Tie


Carlos Bacquet
University of New Brunswick
An Investigation of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for Encrypted Traffic Identification

First Place – Tie


Liu Yang
St. Francis Xavier University
Energy Saving on Fixed-priority Real-time Devices

Second Place


Ahmed Shah Mashiyat
St. Francis Xavier University
An Automated Translator from Petri Nets to Model Checkers