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Budget Guidelines for Chemistry Tour Speakers

1. Each speaker should visit a minimum of three Science Atlantic member institutions. It is the responsibility of the Tour Coordinator to ensure travel between institutions is arranged in the most efficient manner to minimize costs and the time commitment for the tour speaker.

2. A speaker’s schedule and travel budget must be approved by the Chemistry Tour Coordinator at least two months before beginning a tour. The speaker should keep a copy of communications from the Coordinator noting that the budget has been approved.

3. The schedule, title, abstract (including any images), and speaker’s photo should be provided to communications@scienceatlantic.ca as soon as the tour is approved so that the talks can be publicized.

4. A maximum of $800 is available for each speaker’s tour, based on receipts submitted following the guidelines in Items 6 and 7.

5. Financial support is provided by Science Atlantic and the Chemical Institute of Canada (Maritime Division). The speaker is asked to acknowledge this support verbally and in a slide if a presentation is made. Powerpoint slides are available for download here.

6. Allowable expenses

a. Travel between institutions (including home institution)

i. Travel may be completed by air, rental car, or personal vehicle, as is most economical.

ii. Personal vehicle use will be reimbursed at $0.42/km. Gas for rental vehicles will be reimbursed based on submitted receipts.

b. Accommodations

i. Each host institution is responsible for covering all local expenses, e.g., meals and at least one night’s accommodation.

ii. Support from the tour sponsors is limited to a second night’s accommodation when required.

c. Meals

i. Each host institution is responsible for covering local meals.

ii. Tour sponsors will reimburse meals required while the speaker is travelling between institutions. Receipts must be provided.

iii. Maximum meal reimbursements are as follows:

1. breakfast: $8

2. lunch: $12

3. dinner: $24

7. Reimbursement process

i. The reimbursement form should be completed and mailed with original receipts to the Speaker Tour Coordinator (download reimbursement form).

ii. The Tour Coordinator will review the submission and arrange reimbursement by the sponsors.

iii. Reimbursement may take up to 60 days.