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 Chemistry Committee

The Chemistry Committee is committed to raising the standards of chemistry education, participating in Science Atlantic’s annual ChemCon, and organizing lecture tours featuring notable scientists .

March 23: The ChemCon 2020 organizers have made the decision to cancel the conference (June 11-13th)

CIC ChemCon


.CANCELLED: ChemCon 2020
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Speaker Tour


..Since its inception at the inaugural Science
..Atlantic (then APICS) meeting in 1962, the
..Chemistry Committee has been active in
..organizing its Tour Speaker Program,
..bringing accomplished scientists in the
..field right to the classrooms of Atlantic
..Canadian students.

..See the dates and topics of the
..2019-20 Speaker Tour Program.

Committee Chair

..Melbourne Schriver
..Crandall University

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The Chemistry Committee was established at the inaugural meeting of APICS in 1962. During its first 25 years, the Committee was successful in raising the standards of instruction in chemistry in the Atlantic region’s public school system and instrumental in ushering in an era of transferable university credits.

One of the Committee’s major functions is organizing student conferences. ChemCon was initially held every second year until 1985, when its popularity justified holding them annually. The conference is now held every May.

The Committee has been sponsoring and organizing annual visiting lecture tours and sharing the costs of bringing speakers to regional symposia since its inception. With the help of the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), the Science Atlantic Chemistry Committee continues to promote the exchange of information between chemists in the Atlantic region through the organization of the annual Science Atlantic-CIC Lecture Tour.